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The Duo

Who we are as a team.

We are Kevin and Ashly Deskins. We have been together since 2007 and married since 2014

Wanna guess where we met?

Taco Bell! That’s right, teenage-Taco Bell-addicted Kevin complimented Ashly through the drive thru window where she was an attendant. The rest, as they say, is history!

We have been working together through Photography for about 8 years. Ashly started out as Kevins model when he needed practice getting through school and paving his way in the industry. Eventually Ashly worked to manage a studio, Kevin was hired on as a shooter, and both ended up working there together. Ashly then started picking up a camera and began her own projects. Ever since, we have been working side by side on multiple photographic opportunities.

Chasing some wanderlust, Ashly and Kevin moved to California in 2014, but returned in 2019 to be closer to friends and family.

In 2019, we decided to merge our photographic ventures under one umbrella to create Deskins Photography, and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can provide for you!

The People

Who we are as individuals

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My dad put an Canon AE-1 Program in my hands at a young age and infected me with the “shutterbug.” He taught me basics and from there I dove into a fun and fascinating hobby. Decades later, I decided to make it my career.

Some fun facts about me:

Favorite Sushi Roll: Spicy Tuna

Favorite Celebrity: Jeff Goldblum

Favorite Bird: Flamingos, for all of their cool abilities like how their legs are immune to frostbite and that they can drink caustic water.

Favorite Relaxing Activity: Call me strange, but grocery shopping


I always knew I wanted to be an artist but didn’t pick up a camera until college. I graduated from The Ohio State University with my Bachelors of Art degree in 2014. I have been submerged in the photography world since about 2010 and love every minute of it!

Some fun facts about me:

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Food: Nachos!

Favorite Things To Do Beyond Photography: LOVE going to the movies, I’m a huge animal lover so I really enjoy going to the zoo!

Favorite Place To Visit: Big Sur California


The Assistant

Meet Cricket!

She’s a half-bald Sphynx Cat, born 2011.

We adopted Cricket and she adopted us while we lived in California. Equal parts love and attitude, she always keeps us on our toes and makes sure workflow is going smoothly. She can seem intimidating on the surface, but we promise she offers up plenty of love in exchange for her chicken treats of course.