Camping in the woods

Need a tent built? We have you covered.

How adorable is this little tent!? We had so much fun creating a cozy little spot in the forest. Recycled wood, found sticks, some string, a little fabric..

and BOOM!


Once Percy approved, we knew we did a good job!

Mallory and Boone are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. It is hard to deny the love they have for each other. I have had the privilege of knowing these two for about two years now. They are a beautiful couple and are so supportive of each other in all of their adventures.

Not only are they super sweet, they are also incredibly talented! Boone is a chef and Mallory has her own Etsy shop with beautiful driftwood art! I am lucky enough to own one of her pieces and I highly recommend checking out her work.

You can order Boone's amazing Jelly and Mallory's beautiful driftwood pieces on their website Weathered West! You wont regret it


You must check out their website....


but first, more pictures of this beautiful couple!  



Seriously! How cute are they!?

Seriously! How cute are they!?

What an incredibly fun shoot! Thank you Mallory, Boone and of course Percy for a great day and many memories.

Ashly Deskins

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