I have grown up around old cars my entire life. As a kid I hated going to old car shows, I found them very boring. However, I slowly started to like learning about the cars and even started to pick out my favorites. I was partial to the old trucks, for some reason those are my favorite. Today, my parents are apart of an old car club and still go to car shows.  

About two years ago I got to photograph the car clubs old cars. It was a really fun shoot! Enjoy... 

I hope you enjoyed this Photo Friday! Check back for DIY Monday!

Ashly Deskins

I am Ashly. I recently moved from Ohio to Northern California with my husband Kevin. I graduated from The Ohio State University in December of 2013 with my B.A. in Arts. I am a photographer and involve myself in various crafts. A certain level of madness sets in if I do not have a project in the works or ideas in mind. I love walking into craft or home improvement stores and getting inspired with all the possibilities. My passion of photography started in high school when I took a film class. I enjoyed the class but never considered photography could be any more than a hobby. I quickly realized how that was not true. My husband (then boyfriend) started getting into Photography which lead to a degree and career. I was often his model in his photography classes and quickly realized how intriguing this art was. I took photography classes during the course of getting my art degree and fell in love again.