Antique Store Find :: Part II (spice up your life)

If you missed last Mondays post, I recently went antique store shopping and was able to accomplish two DIY crafts. The first one was a new hand towel rack for our bathroom. For this post I am going to share our new spice rack. 

I have been wanting a place to put our spices for some time now. We don't use too many spices, but the ones we do use are never kept in the same spot. They do not have a proper "home". I really was not sure what I wanted our spice rack to look like or how I wanted it to function (i.e, magents, shelves, large, small). I decided to go to the antique store with an open mind, hoping to get a clear picture of what I would do. I found tons of boxes, old crates and various compartments that could work for the spice rack. Then I found this piece, an old cabinent of some kind, complete with doors. I loved it! It matched our dining room perfect, so I decided to go with it. It did not have shelves inside, so I knew that would be one thing I would need to build for the final piece. 

I still had spare wood laying around, so I used that to cut two pieces for shelves down to size. I still have tons of black paint, so I used that to paint the shelves. I just put a light coat, where the wood showed through and this matched the original perfect. I then added  eye bolts (4 for each shelf) for the shelves to rest on. This was no easy task. I had to get them even and perfectly lined up so the wood shelf would sit evenly. They turned out slightly crooked, but thats okay! It adds character! 

For the spices, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought containers that matched. I bought a little more than I needed, in case we add spices later on and nned more empty containers. I bought a paint pen and wrote the names of each spice on the lid of each jar. 

The more I do these DIY projects, the more I want our entire place to be filled with DIY furniture and unique items. The saying "one mans trash is another mans treasure" has never been so true for me! I love finding a use for unique objects, for giving these items a new purpose. I love making our home unique and hope to never get tired of doing these fun projects! 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Monday, check back for Lifestyle Wednesday! 

Thank you for reading and craft on! 

Ashly Deskins

I am Ashly. I recently moved from Ohio to Northern California with my husband Kevin. I graduated from The Ohio State University in December of 2013 with my B.A. in Arts. I am a photographer and involve myself in various crafts. A certain level of madness sets in if I do not have a project in the works or ideas in mind. I love walking into craft or home improvement stores and getting inspired with all the possibilities. My passion of photography started in high school when I took a film class. I enjoyed the class but never considered photography could be any more than a hobby. I quickly realized how that was not true. My husband (then boyfriend) started getting into Photography which lead to a degree and career. I was often his model in his photography classes and quickly realized how intriguing this art was. I took photography classes during the course of getting my art degree and fell in love again.