Bedroom Makeover

When Kevin and I first moved into our apartment, decorating was not one of our top priorities. Unpacking was hard enough, our only goal was to stop living out of boxes. After several months of a unorganized, cluttered room I was very ready for a DIY room makeover! At first I wanted to just surprise Kevin with the makeover. After much thought, I realized I would not be able to buy and store all the supplies without him noticing! I talked over the idea with him, and he was super excited about it. We agreed on a budget and I began the planning. He still wanted it to be a surprise, so the only thing he knew was the budget.

I knew I wanted the colors to be black and red, and then later decided on a gold accent. All the items I used were a combination of things we already had, thrift store finds, and Etsy jems. I really wanted unique items that would bring out Kevin's and my own personality and tastes. Kevin loves foxes, so I decided that would be a perfect element to add, and something he would be really surprised about. I also wanted to do an arrow "theme".

Step 1:: Head Board :: I really wanted to do a DIY headboard, but with the way our bed was built, that was not extremely difficult. So I decided on an accent piece above our bed, which worked out great. I used a large piece of foam board from the craft store, along with white arrow wall decals I found on Etsy. These decals were not meant for this type of material, which I knew when I bought them. I was confident I could make it work, and they did!

Step 2:: Thrift store find :: I found these tiny square gold picture frames at the thrift store for dirt cheap. They were not so pretty to start with, but I knew they had potential. I ended up getting rid of the glass and backing to each of the frames, and spray painted the frames red. Even though gold was in my design, I needed more red elements, so these were perfect to do that with. I had found some old glass slides that were really unique and super fun, so I added those throughout the red frames. I really wanted to back light the glass slides, but have not figured out a way to do that yet! For now, its just a fun collage wall.

Also to this collage wall, I added a little sign. I used one of the decal arrows I had left over, some gold letters to spell out our last name, and a red painted piece of wood. The arrow was the perfect length for this piece of wood I already had. I wanted to add more gold, so I spelled out our last name with letters I found in my art supplies.

Step 3:: Washi Board :: I shared this in my last DIY monday. I added this awesome washi organization board to our little corner that was bare and needed some love.


Step 4:: Large Collage Wall :: I have see so many people do collage walls, I really wanted to attempt doing this in our bedroom. I had some frames laying around not being used, and ended up buying a couple more frames. I had our wedding pictures printed and added to the frames for a personal touch and a reminder of the best day of our lives. I found this awesome arrow art on etsy, and the best part is it came in gold! I also loved this gold ampersand on Etsy as well. I found these super cute fox prints on Etsy and bought 2! I used one on the wall and one on our shelving unit. I added a black and white mirror from target. The letter D we found at a antique store and represents our last name. I also added this adorable octopus print my best friend got me. I am as obsessed with octopuses as Kevin is with foxes! Once I had all the pieces I just played around with the arrangement until I was happy. I am pretty sure this took me a good hour before I was happy with it. I actually think I want to add more, but we shall see.

The gold arrow art can be found here

The Gold ampersand can be found here

The fox prints can be found here



Step 5:: The shelving unit :: We already had this shelving unit, but it was always so cluttered! I knew I wanted to keep it simple and use it to store some of my craft supplies. I added a basket and a red wooded crate for fun storage. I love succulents, and wanted to add some fun greenery to the space as well. I had these old books that made for cute decor on top of the shelving unit. I found this adorable gold fox at target and had to get it! Everything came together really nicely for a clean look organized look.

Step 6:: The basket shelf :: I had this extra basket and wasn't sure how to incorporate it. I experimented and it worked really nicely as a shelf. I bought this jar at a little boutique shop and added our dried out flowers from our wedding inside it for a personal touch. I also found this old pool table ball with the number 15 on it, which was the day we got married. I wanted to keep as many little touches as I could in the design. I bought little gold candles and scattered them through out the room. I bought this old little box from Etsy and use it to hold my CF cards from my camera.

Step 7:: Computer area :: I found this awesome camera poster and decided to frame it and add it near my computer. Both Kevin and I are photographers and use this computer area for editing photos and a work space. I then added a framed print of Kevin and a fun decorated board. This board is the same size as the washi tape board, which keeps everything consistent. I added some black and white string and then black and gold decals.


Step 8:: night stands:: We already had lamps for each night stand that worked with the design, so I kept those. I then bought two little gold frames at the boutique store. I added a decorative paper to each one with our Initial. I get an A and he gets a K. I also cut up cork board to use as coasters, I added a set to each night stand. For the final touch, we each have our own personal knob for our night stand. I have an octopus tentacle and Kevin has a fox head and tail. This is probably one of my favorite elements. It just personalizes the space even more.


Step 9:: The pillows:: We already had our main pillows, so I wanted to add some accent pillow. I bought all three of these pillow cases on Etsy. The red pillow cases have an arrow design, and add more red to the room that was needed. The little white and gold pillow was a perfect accent piece with the design. I bought the pillow for the cases at JoAnns. I went with the least expensive pillows because they were more for a design element than actual function.

 The red pillows can be found here

The white pillow can be found here

The arrow decals can be found here 


I ended up doing this entire room in 3 days. Kevin went out of town for business, so that was when I had the time to get everything together and finalized. I cleared the room of all clutter, got rid of things we didn't use or didn't need. I knew the layout I wanted before I started, so it was just a matter of physically getting everything in its place. I was super excited about the result. I was nervous showing Kevin, hoping he would love it as much as I did. The moment finally came to show him and he was flabbergasted! He admitted that he didn't know if I could pull it off. I love that I proved not only to him but to myself, that if I stick with something and put my all into it, it can have exciting and fantastic results.


I hope you enjoyed this DIY Monday, check back for Lifestyle Wednesday!


Thank you for reading and craft on!

Ashly Deskins

I am Ashly. I recently moved from Ohio to Northern California with my husband Kevin. I graduated from The Ohio State University in December of 2013 with my B.A. in Arts. I am a photographer and involve myself in various crafts. A certain level of madness sets in if I do not have a project in the works or ideas in mind. I love walking into craft or home improvement stores and getting inspired with all the possibilities. My passion of photography started in high school when I took a film class. I enjoyed the class but never considered photography could be any more than a hobby. I quickly realized how that was not true. My husband (then boyfriend) started getting into Photography which lead to a degree and career. I was often his model in his photography classes and quickly realized how intriguing this art was. I took photography classes during the course of getting my art degree and fell in love again.