- Couples -

I absolutely love getting to meet new couples and having the opportunity to create long lasting memories. Whether you are dating or newly engaged, let's create a session together that is a representation of your love story.


Family sessions are a great way to mark the milestones of life. It is so fun to see the many personalities shine during my time with these families. I love meeting and getting to know everybody and creating images that bring smiles to everyone.

-Maternity & Babies-

Watching families grow and getting to share a part of their journey brings me so much joy. I love getting to plan unique and personalized maternity sessions for moms to be.

The joy continues, newborns and baby sessions are available for heartwarming, cute, fun, and cherished images for you to enjoy with family now and their future generations.

- Lifestyle -

I also offer modeling, lifestyle, and headshot sessions! Lets create a session that represents you. Something to add to your portfolio to make you stand out whether it's for an agency, potential gig, LinkedIn, or other ways to get you booked or hired.


- Boudoir -

Images coming soon!

- Burlesque -

I feel so lucky to be the first female photographer for Sin Sisters Burlesque of Santa Cruz. Every Month on the second Saturday of the month, I get to photograph an incredible show. I am so grateful Burlesque has entered my life. It is a beautiful art form that I feel everyone should experience. I leave every show filled with inspiration and love.


Luna, NevillE, & FriendS

I have lived in California since 2014. Ever since my husband and I moved into our apartment we have noticed the wildlife, squirrels, skunks, opossums, and raccoons all over our apartment complex. We got a lot of joy out of watching them and seeing them bring new babies into the world throughout the years.

On one particular morning, my husband called me to witness a mother squirrel retrieving her fallen babies. We watched the momma jump down grab a baby and run back up to the nest. She rescued all her fallen babies and it was so incredible to witness. That same morning we witnessed two more babies fall from a different nest. The momma of this nest did not retrieve her babies, so we rushed them to the local native animal rescue. Unfortunately they did not make it. However, it did ignite a stronger connection to the squirrels and we started keeping a closer eye on where nests were being built.

Squirrels had been visiting our patio and we loved seeing them so up close. We ended up leaving almonds out and I would photograph them when they would come by.


This eventually lead to completely styled dining rooms for the squirrels. Dining rooms turned into elaborate sets and parties for the squirrels. I stated naming them after Harry Potter characters as they each had distinctive characteristics that allowed me to tell them apart.

There was Luna and Neville to start and then eventually Narcissa, Alastor, Severus, and Belatrix. We have also had a skunk we call Sirius.

These adventures have been so much fun to capture. They were even shared on The Dodo and in O magazine! I love that others get joy from these images.

Below are some of our crazy adventures with the neighborhood squirrels.